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the new era has called my new application.


Weapon of Choice:
a pair of five inch spike heels.

Drug of Choice: opium. those conniving brits decided to import it to the chinese and damn. i'd open up trade (if you know what i mean) for some of that.

Sexiest Bodypart: my back.

If You Were A Silky Hoe, What Would Your Name Be?: minniken minx

Since BMASH are all shapeshifters, what mankilling Animal does your Silky Hoe turn into?: panther: known for it's prowess and sleek, black furred, swift, sexy, kittenish, deadly demeanor.

Please Describe This Silky Hoe:

born the illegitate-out-of-wedlock child to a most sought after martial artist and his stunning gypsy seducer, this silky hoe grew up in the glamour and luxury of households of several rich and famous men. not only can she tempt any man (or woman for that matter) into obeying her every command, she can also kung-fu his ass into moo shu pork. this vamp has gotten into the minds and beds of politicians, businessmen, and rockstars. and however many a jealous wife/lover have threatened her, she simply takes jealousy as a compliment and continues her life of lascivious scandal and seduction.

PHOTOS: give us alot of em, and make em hot

you wanted lots, i'll give you lots.

milk, vanilla, sugar, chocolate, shake. yes that is right.

hot lesbian action

formal dress escapades

my back haha

i'll stop for now. i should have warned you that i am a camera whore on top of everything else. but i feared it might deter you. have a ball. <3
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