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Weapon of Choice:switchblade
Drug of Choice: cocaine
Sexiest Bodypart:clavical
If You Were A Silky Hoe, What Would Your Name Be?:Coco (if you dont like it fucking give me ideas.)
Since BMASH are all shapeshifters, what mankilling Animal does your Silky Hoe turn into?:unicorn
Please Describe This Silky Hoe:

every morning i wake up in a tub of bleach, slightly electrified. i slip across the bathroom floor and dip my hair in the black ink that oozes out of the sink. people of every sex wants to fuck me, and be me at the same time.Take all those pretty things everyone is so eager to show as they glitter in the sun, and cram them down deep. Remain quiet at parties and plot your great appearance that never seems to unfold. Let your one ability just happen to be someone most people skim and never take in, left on shelves gathering dust. Also don't forget to add a little wit.

PHOTOS: give us alot of em, and make em hot

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