_babylemonade_ (_babylemonade_) wrote in bmash,


Weapon of Choice: my teeth.

Drug of Choice: mdma, sometimes mushrooms cos you know its boho-chic.

Sexiest Bodypart: tiny curvy waist bit and my peachy neat labia.

If You Were A Silky Hoe, What Would Your Name Be?: Clitersaurus.

Since BMASH are all shapeshifters, what mankilling Animal does your Silky Hoe turn into?: A fox, cute but vicious.

Please Describe This Silky Hoe: big pout, big tits, cheekbones, very English (c'est tres kitsch!), political and proud to be monogomous. and likes it up the arse.

PHOTOS: poseur.

Excuse the inability to ljcut, I'll work on it.
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